ERi! Bueno commissions

more 50 bucks commission i can show done and arrived :) thanks 

ERi! Bueno artwork on ebay

Hey folks artwork made by me to ebay auctions :)
all original artworks made whit inks and gray tone makers

commissions are very welcome


Hey Folks, runing more 40 auctions on ebay, works of all artists are present, ERi! Bueno, Alex Barros, Loezer and Jack Boy, follow this link to check our originals sure you will find anything taste to your collection :)

otherwise, we open to all artists commissions slots, if you are looking something exclusive and original, talk whit us

regards my friends!

you can check our images auctions here

Deny Project big womans and big beasts

Project not approved, i believe has no problems show the two first pages!

big womans and minotaurs :)
pencils by ERi Bueno